Meet the artist, Erika Roberts


About Me

Ever since I was a child, I have loved the relationship between nature and art. I grew up on a small piece of farmland in northern Tennessee, and I spent much of my childhood tromping around the woods, splashing in the creek and drawing my daydreams. I credit this childhood with planting and nurturing my love for art.

This passion blossomed in high school, where I took every single art class offered and I attended Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts. I started college (Lipscomb University) with big dreams of fashion and interior design, but along the way, I found myself graduating from University of Tennessee College of Law. After passing the bar, I moved to Memphis, where I practiced law for nearly ten years. Now, instead of tromping in the fields, I was hustling to and from the courthouse and fell in love with this vibrant city.

Although practicing law was my main focus, the thirst to create never ceased. I painted pieces for my home and others, sewed aprons and dishtowels, designed a small collection of children’s clothing, and painted peg dolls. A friend invited me to show my work at an art walk, and I took a small collection to show. At the end of the evening, I had sold every single piece, and I was hooked. This was my heart. Creating art. Where I needed to be.

Fast forward to 2017 - I traded my briefcase for brushes and jumped into painting and small business ownership full-time. I have been sharing and selling my art ever since. In 2018, I moved into a commercial studio and now have a space where I create and sell my original art and thoughtful gifts designed by me. If you are ever in town, I’d love for you to stop by!

You can find me, my husband, Andy, and our two children and two dogs residing in the suburbs of Memphis, TN. In our spare time, we enjoy exploring new cities, digging in our garden, and perfecting our dance moves in the kitchen.


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